By George Cappannelli

"Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, an independent or someone who has withdrawn completely from the fray; if you are tired of the stalemate in Washington and still interested in the well being of America, this book has some thoughtful recommendations and very intriguing ideas."

James Johnson, Political Activist

Audio Interview

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About The Book It is clearly time for a change! So if you are disturbed by the dysfunction and disharmony present within this nation; if you are disheartened and disappointed by the lack of effective and intelligent action being taken by our leaders and, of particular concern, by the absence of competence and consciousness they demonstrate, you will find the thought provoking ideas and practical recommendations presented in this new book of genuine interest. George Cappannelli is not only a well-known corporate and coach to some of leading organizations, government agencies and the people who lead them, but he is a very effective political consultant. He believes it is time that you, he and millions of other concerned citizens reclaim our sovereignty and renew the promises articulated in our Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and The Bill of Rights. He believes it is time we end this rapid and precipitous decline toward the end of a noble dream and once again set this ship of state on a heading toward a proud and positive future; it is time to initiate the next and necessary stage of The American Revolution.