“The Cappannelli’s are the real deal! Their coaching with thousands of individuals and world class organizations gets to the heart of the matter.”
Melina Bellows, Writer for O, Cosmopolitan, The Washingtonian
MAKE CHANGE YOUR ALLY – Live & e-Courses In this complex world it is not a question of if you will change, but how. In Make Change Your Ally, George and Sedena Cappannelli, two of the country’s leading individual and organizational coaches, and authors of Say Yes To Change, Authenticity and Do Not Go Gently, assist you to capitalize on the many changes that occur in your life and turn these changes into opportunities to live more fully, love more deeply and do the things you want to do more successfully. Free Video & Audio Intros – Learn more >
REDISCOVER THE AUTHENTIC YOU – Live & e-Courses Rediscover your sense of purpose and passion, your energy and enthusiasm for life. Reconnect with the ‘original you’, the you’ you were born to express in this lifetime. George & Sedena Cappannelli guide you through this innovative and valuable e-course that can help you find your path back to your authentic self and in the process tap into new levels of creativity, energy and passion for life. Free Video & Audio Intros – Learn more >
CELEBRATE LIFE – Live & e-Courses George and Sedena Cappannelli bring their remarkable skills to the work of helping you make the best of the rest of your life. Based on material from their new book, Do Not Go Quietly, A Guide To Living Consciously and Aging Wisely, this valuable, eye and heart opening course will allow you to learn from your past, celebrate the power of the present and chart a new course for a hope filled and positive future. Free Video & Audio Intros – Learn more >
IT’S ABOUT TIME – Live & e-Courses In these challenging times we are being asked to be more productive and efficient within shorter periods of time often with more limited resources and in the face of growing competition. As a result it is not only important, but essential to explore our relationship to time and discover ways to accumulate it more easily, use it more effectively and spend it wisely on the many relationships, tasks and processes that are part of today’s fast paced world. Free Video & Audio Intro – Learn more >