AgeNation is pleased to both support, and be affiliated with some terrific organizations.

Empower New Mexico is a non-profit committed to informing, inspiring and encouraging individuals in the second half of life. The organization develops educational programs and workshops, facilitates the sharing of cross-generational wisdom and promotes greater mentorship, volunteerism, legacy giving and civic engagement. Finally, Empower New Mexico exists to support other charitable organizations whose missions promote the health, education and welfare of older New Mexicans.

The Alzheimer’s Association serves those affected by Alzheimer’s disease. The organization’s mission is to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health. The organization has been providing services and support to New Mexican families affected by Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia since 1981.

The Dream Project is a grade K-12 educational program that empowers students to discover and invent solutions to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The organization’s mission is to inspire students, teachers, and parents to see themselves and relate to one another as leaders that embody global responsibility, compassion, and a desire to create a world that works for everyone. The Dream Project is committed to bridging cultures and connecting youth by utilizing media, arts and technology within a curriculum that uses the United Nations Millennium Development Goals as a problem solving and empowerment platform.

Celerity Educational Group is a non-profit organization, that serves Los Angeles-area schools, children and families. The organization’s mission is to provide quality education in under-served communities by creating alternative schools that focus on the potential of every child. Celerity’s first school opened September 2005 in the Jefferson Park Community. The Celerity schools have joined with community leaders to issue a change for the youth in the communities we serve. Celerity Dyad Charter School and Celerity Troika Charter School were opened in September 2007 to better serve our mission of creating quality and equality in education across greater Los Angeles.

HeartMath, LLC is dedicated to improving health, performance and well-being at home and in the workplace. They provide products and services that enable people to transform stress, better regulate emotional responses and harness the power of heart/brain communication. Through their training programs, coaching, publications, licensing programs and innovative technology they provide practical, scientifically validated methods that enable people to live more rewarding, healthy and productive lives personally and professionally. They have achieved global recognition for our groundbreaking products and services that have been proven to increase productivity while reducing the stress associated with living and working in this era of high-speed change.

The Seva Foundation started as a small group with a big idea, and the idea was this: To be fully human, we must translate our compassion and concern into useful service. That simple statement conveys something about the nature of compassion that is expressed in most spiritual traditions around the world — that compassion is not just about helping those less fortunate than ourselves. It’s about the realization that we are all connected as one human family. That sense of compassionate service motivates all of Seva’s work, as they build programs that support people around the world in their efforts to build healthy communities. Seva’s programs, spanning many cultures and countries, share certain fundamental principles.