AGENATION VIDEO THEATER As part of your AgeNation experience you will have the opportunity to view feature films, documentaries, short subjects and animations, all designed to stimulate your imagination, touch your emotions, broaden your horizons and inspire your spirit- especially films that focus on life’s 2nd and 3rd acts
PERIODIC SCREENINGS As a member of the AgeNation Community you will have the opportunity to view some films and videos at no charge. The frequency of these screenings will depend largely on the willingness of film makers and distributors to make films available. Special screening announcements will be sent to those who join the AgeNation Community and receive regular newsletters. Free Sign Up Coming Soon>
AGENATION VIDEO THEATER SUBSCRIPTION SERIES Become and AgeNation Select Member and have the opportunity to participate in the AgeNation Video Theater Subscription Series. Monthly screenings of the most unique films and video we can find, films and video that will make you laugh, cry, remember explore new dimensions and new destinations. Each screening will also include a set of thought provoking questions to stimulate conversation with others and to encourage your own reflection on the subject. As an AgeNation Select Member you can view each month’s presentation at a time that is convenient for you and receive a ton of other benefits. Become an AgeNation Select Member (Coming Soon) >
MONTHLY CINEMA DIALOGUE SERIES Each month AgeNation will host a special on-line dialogue series so that you and other members of the AgeNation Community can share your views on the month’s film and video selections with other members and with various experts. Whenever possible we will invite the producers, directors, and actors to also join in the conversation. (more details soon)