Leo Burns – According to a report by Jim Suhr of The Associated Press, "Leo Burns drove his horse, Winsome Wyoming to five wins in as many races in the first half of 2006." Apparently this was not such an unusual feat for this man from Albion, Ill.

As a member of the United States Trotting Association he had a record of more than 450 wins and career earnings of over $400,000. Jim Suhr reports that "On July 25th he put on his colors and his helmet and goggles and drove Winsome Wyoming to a win against six horses in a mile long race.

At the quarter pole he had a six length lead and by the time he and the horse crossed the finish line his lead was 15 lengths and he had broken the track record for 2 year olds with a time of 2:05.4."

This victory gave Mr. Burns and Winsome Wyoming winnings of $5009 for the first part of 2006. This is a pretty terrific record for anyone in any sport, but according to Jim Suhr, "Leo Burns, who was born when Woodrow Wilson was President of The United States is continuing to break records at 91." And no record shows anyone older having taken part in such a race in North America, much less winning. As for Leo, he seems to take it all pretty much in stride and says, "As long as I feel good, I’ll keep going and I’ll be OK."

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