“I have used a wide range of consulting and training services but none have been more impactful than your work. This is a very rewarding program.”
Jerry LoPorto, Digital Equipment Corporation

ADVANCED DIAGNOSTIC & POLLING SERVICES One-on-one interviews, small focus groups and paper surveys. A range of advanced diagnostic and polling strategies. Our clients benefit from more in-depth, scientifically accurate and user-friendly information about their organization, the marketplace, competition, customers, and future economic and social trends. These diagnostic and polling strategies have resulted in the successful introduction of new products and services, alleviation of union/management disputes, creation of winning political campaigns, design of new financial services, and the integration of divergent corporate cultures resulting from mergers, acquisitions, and strategic partnerships.Schedule a Free Consultation & Evaluation >
Our innovative InfoSystems 360 Individual and Team Development Programs provide clients with the ability to quickly and effectively identify problem areas and assist individuals and teams in finding practical and powerful solutions to issues of competency and in critical interpersonal, leadership and management skill sets. The result – lower attrition and reduced cost in finding, hiring and training of new people.For Program Information >
We also offer our clients support in planning and facilitating annual conferences and industry symposiums, creating media presentations, facilitating on-site meetings and special sessions, designing and executing a wide variety of follow-up sessions and much more.For Program Information >
Follow-through is essential.  The challenge of creating organizational change must include a strong mix of practical experiential training and effective strategic planning, scenario work, team development programs and comprehensive follow through and support.Effective follow through dramatically increase the success of every initiative. As does collaborative relationships between the in-house champions and outside consultants, customers and the media.For Program Information >