The Coming Demographic Revolution – We are on the edge of a demographic revolution. In our lifetimes we will see more than 50% of the world’s population over 50 years of age for the first time in history.  The implications are astounding. So are the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. This brave new world will require us to work together to create a lifestyle revolution that will redefine priorities, use our natural and human resources more effectively and inspire and empower all individuals to nurture and express their dreams.


Our Multiple Part Mission

Provide a unique platform of entertainment events, educational conferences and programs, radio, television, publishing, consulting and coaching – a unique web hub designed to invite Boomers, elders and older GenXers to participate, learn, enjoy, meet others, share, inspire and make a difference.

Offer world class information and solutions and strategies to key challenges from some of the world’s leading authors and experts so our members can learn new skills, explore new careers and avocations, improve their financial stability, create quality relationships, explore their creativity and find greater meaning and purpose.

Encourage greater civic engagement, mentorship, volunteerism, legacy giving,  and more.

Ensure dignity and honor to elders, new opportunities to Boomers, and build bridges of understanding across generations.

Contribute a portion of all revenues to support the needs of vulnerable elders, and

Stimulate self-sufficiency for our members through entrepreneurism and micro finance programs.

Pursuit of Dreams – We also believe it is never too late (or too soon) for any of us to pursue our dreams. Indeed, we believe that following our individual dreams will allow each of us to contribute to creating a positive future for ourselves and those who come after us.  For as the poet June Jordan reminded us, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”. –  FREE Sign Up Here


Making A Difference – We encourage all who have been on the front lines in the civil rights, women’s rights, human rights, animal rights, nuclear disarmament and environmental movements to step forward once again, to make a difference in the challenges and opportunities of this moment.  We think it’s time to demonstrate intelligent and constructive political dialogue, model greater social awareness,  engage in active mentorship, volunteerism, legacy giving, sharing our abundance and demonstrating the love and compassion for others that is not only our birthright, but our responsibility.  In this way we can make a real difference in our own lives and in the world around us.  Are you ready? –  FREE Sign Up Here

Membership – Another part of our mission involves creating a unique opportunity for Boomers, elders and older GenXers to participate at a level that is right for them.  To this end we offer a very robust free membership program and two outstanding levels of paid membership.  Each level provide a very substantial array of choices, outstanding discounts on a wide range of products and services, special seating at AgeNation events, and a remarkable array of opportunities to benefit from direct interaction with some of the best authors and experts in the world.
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