“This initiative will help us meet our current and future workload by creating a new operating state that improves trust and teamwork and propels our HSC vision into full operation.”
Don Cromer, President Hughes Space and Communications
This innovative series of indoor and outdoor adventure-based leadership and team development seminars is designed to improve individual and team performance in interpersonal communications, effective problem solving, risk mitigation, delegation, mediation, management and leadership competencies. Executed at sites close to a client’s facility or at some of the most remote and beautiful locations in the world, these programs allow our clients to accomplish in days and at much lower cost what months of effort and hundreds of thousands of dollars applied in traditional on-site consulting interventions cannot accomplish.Get A List of Our Clients >

Evaluated by many of our clients as one of our most powerful and effective training programs, this series of productivity and time management seminars provides individuals and teams with new management and leadership skills and dramatically improved self-management and organization competencies. Our own follow-up studies show that application of Creating Effective Organization increases efficiency, effectiveness and productivity by as much as 25%. Data collected by The American Society For Training and Development shows organizations can expect as much as a thirty-fold return on investment from this kind of training.Schedule a Free Consultation and Evaluation >


In these challenging times when most organizations are being asked to deliver quality services and products with fewer people and more limited resources and in the face of increasing competition, the ability of people to be productive and perform at higher levels of competence is of vital importance. This program deals with our relationship to time and explores ways to accumulate it more easily, use it more effectively and spend it wisely on the many relationships, tasks and processes that are part of today’s business environment. Studies show that It’s About Time can increase performance and productivity by between 15% and 25%.Get a Free White Paper on Change >


This is a powerful program for the owners and managers of small to medium sized businesses who would like to benefit from the kind of quality consulting services and coaching support normally available only to large organizations. This program includes individual business analysis, executive coaching support, leadership development and team development, business and operational planning, work on team productivity and performance, marketing support and much more. Executed in small group models, these programs fit the time and budget requirements of smaller businesses and provide them with the kind of knowledge and skills needed to maintain competitive advantage.Learn More About Our Programs >


These one and two day programs greatly assist individuals and teams in identifying barriers to success and developing new strategies that create enhanced individual and team balance and higher performance. Participants report increased mental clarity, greater physical energy, new levels of calmness under pressure, greater access to intuition and insight, enhanced problem solving ability and increased balance, lower levels of burnout, and greatly reduced levels of stress. Organizations report appreciably lower attrition and down time.Find Out About PEP >


These innovative programs provide our clients with powerful tools to address and eliminate minority and gender issues. In addition, they introduce valuable communications strategies and unique problem solving dialogue techniques that provide lasting benefits. People at all levels of our clients’ organizations report that these programs deal with real issues and offer very specific and effective solutions.Learn More and Schedule a Free Consultation >