George and Sedena CappannelliAgeNation’s co-founders have been privileged to work with over 100,000 people who have attended their public seminars, workshops and retreats, hundreds of businesses and the people who make them successful, and even a number of world leaders.  Their joint books include: Say Yes To Change, 25 Keys To Making Change Work for You; Authenticity, Simple Strategies For Greater Meaning and Purpose a Work and a Home; and their soon to be released, Do Not Go Quietly, A Guide To Living Consciously and Aging Wisely in the 21st Century. George’s individual books include:  I Dream of A New America, It’s About Time, The ReEmpowering America Handbook and a soon to be published trilogy of novels, Old Stones and Promises.  Sedena has written The Portable Self Enhancement Program and a new children’s book, Everything Exactly As It Should Be.  These books and their joint experience serve as foundations for the work they do with AgeNation and with their clients and audiences. George has also served as a political consultant in U.S. Presidential and Senate campaigns, as a creative director of a New York advertising agency and has run several non-profits. He is an Emmy Award winning television producer/director and an accomplished, award winning sculptor. Sedena has appeared in numerous films, television and theatrical productions, produced theatrical events and created a number of concepts for television. Her lifelong commitment to the healing arts serve as the basis for her public seminars and retreats for women, including her Portable Self-Enhancement Program. Martin David Kupper –  AgeNation Advisor/Consultant, has an extensive background in building innovative organizations and projects where people, ideas and capital converge.   Martin has served as Director of Sales for The Leadership Network Corporation, and Executive Director of Leadership Children’s Foundation.  Under Kupper Strategies, a marketing and development company he formed in 2003, he has served a broad range of clients including:  Powerteam International, John Gray and Mars Venus Coaching, Capistrano Films, Zero Gravity Clinics, Kono Media and Magazine, Insulock International, Empact Interactive Media, and many more.  Martin also has also spent over 25 years in commercial real estate development, brokerage and finance in Kansas City, Dallas and Los Angeles.

Patrick Lindsay –  Business Development Director and Member of the AgeNation Advisory Board.  Patrick is a team leader with 25 years of experience in company management for both Fortune 500 and private corporations.  He has served as President and Member of the Board of UVU, Inc., a privately held managed-media company; as Director of National Accounts and Product Integration for CHEP, a division of Brambles, Inc.; as Managing Director, BSP; President of Bay Technologies; and Executive Director of BMF Pedicate Care for Burke Strategic Partners, PPL.