“I just learned that an old dog can really learn new tricks – especially if I am willing to open my heart.”
Michael, Nashville
A Guide To Making The Best of This Precious Gift Called Your Life
An 8 Week eCourse
Fee: $149
In this valuable and heart and eye opening course George and Sedena Cappannelli bring their considerable skills to assisting you to accept and celebrate your life. Learn to harvest the lessons and experience of your past, experience the power of the present moment and chart a course for the future that is filled with renewed hope, energy and joy – or at the very least, a genuine sense of acceptance and peace. Based on material from their new book, Do Not Go Quietly, A Guide To Living Consciously and Aging Wisely in the 21st Century.

Starting Today You Can:

  • Make peace with people in your life
  • Learn to accept aging as a natural process
  • Rediscover greater meaning and purpose
  • Discover new levels of energy and enthusiasm
  • Chart a positive course for the future
  • Create a legacy for those who come after you

Why settle for other people’s definitions of aging or their opinions of what success means for you?  Instead learn how to celebrate the uniqueness of who you are and this precious gift called your life This is a wonderful, heart renewing, life enhancing program.

Course Elements Video Introduction Weekly Course Downloads Teleconference Coaching Sessions Personal Sessions (Upon request) Weekly Assignments, Journal Work, etc. Ongoing Support Free Signed Copy of Do Not Go Quietly