DO NOT GO QUIETLY      By George Cappannelli and Sedena Cappannelli“Profound, compassionate, and deeply useful, this book is a guide to the genius and capacities inherent in the second half of life.  It brooks no whiney nay-saying, but rather offers a repositioning of the senior in our time.  Seniors become the mid-wives of souls, the evocateurs of self and society.”

Jean Houston

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About The Book Do Not Go Quietly is an inspiring call to action and guide to a life of greater meaning, consciousness and passion for those of us ‘who weren’t born yesterday’ – older GenXers, Boomers and Elders.  It also speaks honestly and eloquently to those who are under 40 and who want to better navigate the path ahead and better understand the world for which they will soon be responsible.10 reasons you’ll like this book:

  • Straight Talk
  • Valuable Life Strategies
  • Practical Tools
  • Inspiring Stories
  • Quality Information
  • Relevant Recommendations
  • Inspiring Call to Action
  • Essential Wellness Tips
  • Important Reminders
  • Uplifting Quotes
  • Genuine Solutions

The book’s principle message: No matter how old you are, if you want to use the time you have remaining -whether years or decades-to make right your relationship with yourself and with others; if you want to sing the notes in the ‘great song’ that only you can sing, and in the process contribute to a more positive and compassionate future for all, then Do Not Go Quietly is for you.