By George Cappannelli
and Sedena Cappannelli

“Authenticity is a thought-provoking journey into the real art of living and leadership and I recommend it to anyone aspiring to positively influence others and to empower their own lives. It is a unique resource for identifying integrity at the most basic level – the level at which one finds true meaning and purpose in life.”

Rhodes Robinson,
CEO, Environmental Services

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About The Book

A book for individuals and organizations that want to refine or rediscover their sense of meaning and purpose and who want to utilize that meaning and purpose in achieving real productivity, outstanding levels of performance and genuine success and satisfaction.

If You Like:

  • the practicality and relevance of Stephen Covey,
  • the enthusiasm and compassion of Wayne Dyer,
  • the celebration of individuality of F. Scott Peck,
  • the clarity and insight of Eckhart Tolle
  • the universal spirit of Deepak Chopra

You are going to love Authenticity!

What Sets This Book Apart

In this world of deadlines and demands, of complex issues and financial pressures, of increasing competition and dramatic technological advances it is easy lose sight of what is truly important. It is easy to get trapped in doing what we think we are supposed to do or in what we think is right rather than do things that are both truly relevant and meaningful. As a result many individuals miss what they are really here to do and many organizations miss the opportunity to be truly successful. Authenticity helps individuals and organizations get back on track by looking at some basic beliefs and habits that may be limiting their effectiveness and then helping them to redefine and rediscover how a commitment to originality and creativity, to meaning and purpose is the best and shortest path to minimize obstacles and maximize their opportunities.