By George Cappannelli

"A must read for everyone interested in an immediate solution to our energy crisis."

Bob Thompson, Former Automotive Designer

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About The Book In these are challenging times one of the primary causes of our nation’s economic, ecological and geo-political instability is our dependence on foreign oil as our primary transportation fuel. This dependence, finally admitted at the highest levels of government and discussed with greater understanding and frequency in the general public debate, negatively impacts our individual lives on a daily basis by warming and dirtying our planet, draining our economy of much needed dollars and bringing us ever closer to more international conflict as the demand for oil moves toward a time when it will exceed its supply. This handbook explodes a number of false assumptions and misunderstandings about alternative energy and presents a genuine, practical, achievable and cost-effective way, using available technology and resources, for our nation to significantly reduce and then eliminate our dependence on foreign oil within a decade. In fact, the information presented in these pages will allow our nation to actually start on this goal today and accomplish it within 10 years. The RempoweringAmerica Plan

  • Identifies things that stand in the way of a genuine alternative transportation energy plan
  • Exposes the truth about the supply/demand oil equation
  • Explores both strengths and weaknesses in alternative energy fuels and power sources
  • Examines the major energy plans: Gore, Groves, Pickens, Obama
  • Articulates a well-researched, achievable, cost effective technology and strategic solution
  • Presents the only realistic time bridge to future hydrogen and electric economies