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george_cappannelli_anrm-150x15012211112alan_hutner_anrm-150x1501131Hosts George Cappannelli and Alan Hutner explore another provocative topic –What Will You Choose – Breakdown or Breakthrough. The time for sitting on the sidelines is over. The challenges we face are too great and the need for construction action too real. It is time for each of us to choose between the slippery slope we are on that can lead us to serious trouble, or to taking a more constructive, and positive path for the greater good. This week George and Sedena conduct the next part of a featured conversation with Dr. Roger Teel, senior minister at Mile Hi Church in Denver and the author of a wonderful new book – This life Is Joy. A special You’ve Got To Be Kidding feature. Sedena offers more tips in her Enlivened Ageing Series. George closes with another provocative commentary on Breakdown or Breakthrough.

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