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george_cappannelli_anrm-150x1501221111alan_hutner_anrm-150x1501131In this program George and Alan Hutner explore the fact that much of our life energy and passion is tied up inside of us in both named and unnamed wants that remained unexpressed and/or unfulfilled. So it is important to take the time and have the courage to name our wants, evaluate which are constructive and positive enough to be worth expressing and experiencing, and then doing precisely that. They look at how learning to honor our wants is one of the real doorways to the joy and privilege of participating fully in life. You’ll join George for the next part of a terrific conversation with Will Taegel, wiseman, shaman, author and Dean of Graduate Studies at The Wisdom Graduate School of Studies. Sedena shares another valuable Enlivened Ageing Strategy and George closes with provocative and recommendation filled commentary on Honoring Wants. All of this and more plus some great music.


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