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george_cappannelli_anrm-150x15012211111alan_hutner_anrm-150x150113Hosts George Cappannelli and Alan Hutner look at the subject of Common Ground. They look at the some of the most important things that unite rather than divide us, particularly those of us who are older GenXers, Boomers and Elders. They identify some of the key bedrock themes that make us unique and are not subject to the manipulation of those who would keep dividing up based on some of the more superficial surface trends that captivate the media and continue to create many of the illusions that are rampant in our time. Alan has another great conversation with author, film maker Baptist de Pape on The Power of The Heart, Finding Your True Purpose In Life. A special You’ve Got To Be Kidding feature. Sedena shares another valuable and inspiring Enlivened Ageing Strategy, Alan closes with another Rudy Rap and, as always, some great music.

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