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george_cappannelli_anrm-150x1501221111alan_hutner_anrm-150x150113This week co-hosts George Cappannelli and Alan Hutner explore another great topic – Change – Adversary or Ally? – We’re going to talk about the fact that we many of us view change as a challenge, almost as an adversary. We drag our feet, do our best to avoid it and even when we are in it, we often resist and complain. And yet change is natural part of life – essential and really quite remarkable. So what would happen in your world if you started treating it as an ally instead of an unwelcome guest? What contribution would this shift in attitude have in living the life you were born to live? You’ll also join Alan for the last part of a terrific conversation with Ramgeri Braum and his new book – Heart Sourcing, Finding Our Way To Love and Liberation. Sedena shares another valuable Enlivened Ageing Strategy and Alan closes with another Rudy Rap. All of this and more plus some great music.

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