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george_cappannelli_anrm-150x1501221111alan_hutner_anrm-150x150113This week co-hosts George Cappannelli and Alan Hutner explore another great topic – The Extraordinary Power of One. They will talk about the fact that many of us find ourselves struggling to find hope and encouragement in a world that seems to get more complex and more obstructed each day. Our political process seems to be at a stalemate, efforts to find solutions to our most serious challenges held up in a political war of partisanship. Under such conditions it is easy to get discouraged and to turn away. But there are viable alternatives and they are much closer and much more accessible to us than we imagine. They lie in The Extraordinary Power of One. Join Alan for a quality conversation with Ramgeri Braun, author of Heart Sourcing. George and alan deliver another You’ve Got To Be Kidding segment. Sedena shares another valuable Enlivened Ageing Strategy and Alan closes with another lyrical Rudy Rap. All of this and more plus some great music.

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