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This week George and Sedena invite you to join them for another provocative, engaging hour of Conversations With The Wisdom Keepers. Their topic this week – We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore. A lively and engaging look at how those of us in the second half of life and conscious young people who want to pay a vital role in their own future can take greater responsibility for their own destiny. Also join them for the first two parts of a special interview with Will Taegel, Dean of Wisdom University School of Graduate studies and shaman. Experience another of Sedena’s Enlivened Ageing Skills, celebrate another remarkable human being during their weekly Life Achievement Tribute. George and Sedena answer a listener question about what to do when mandatory retirement rolls around and you still have a lot of juice left in the tank and they conclude with a valuable commentary and some practical tips on how to stand up and be counted in your own life.All in all, a delightful, informative, and inspiriting hour of radio.


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