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Alan HutnerHosts George Cappannelli and Alan Hutner take a look at the Ruts of Ordinary Perception. What are they? Why do they matter? And what we can do to get out of them! Also a featured interview with author Ralph Metzner, one of the country’s leading experts on the use of consciousness expanding substances; a special editorial by George Cappannelli on How To Live The Life You Were Born To Live, a lyrical rap from Alan Hutner entitled Ageless Saging Nation, music from Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and Barbara Streisand, and the regular You’ve Got To Be Kidding Feature and a lot more.

This episode was first broadcast on Radio Free Santa Fe KBAC 98.1 FM on Sunday, 12.08.13 (10 – 11AM MST). You can listen live on Sunday mornings here: Listen Live

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