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Happy New Year!! and welcome to a TRM Special Show, with a different wrinkle. Our first show of the New Year features readings, rants, insights and commentary, from your TRM Team as well as some submissions from, listeners, sponsors and friends, on 2011 and how to navigate through the rapidly changing times ahead. When the “shifts hit the fan” what will you say or do to make a better world?

We do have some suggestions; with readings from some of the top authors and books featured last year on TRM including: Be Love Now, Earth Changes and 2012, The Corporate Kannibal Kookbook, Rumi -The Big Red Book, and I Am The Word.

We’ll also start our annual showcase ritual of featuring TRM’s “Best Music Picks of 2010; with our Top 98 Album Selections, emphasizing right brain activation from your Whole Brain Radio Team!

In Hour One, Rosie does the opening reading from Colman Barks Rumi -The Big Red Book. Also, Alan reads a submissions from Swami Acharyia Durga Das Hutner and also a reading from Ram Dass’ latest book, Be Love Now. Then Levi, Rosie & Alan read together a visionary piece from Brad Blanton’s latest, The Corporate Kannibal Kookbook.

Details Hour 1: Show Intro, Sponsors, Rosie”s Reading, Music Set #1, Sponsors, Alan’s Reading from Swami Acharyia Durga Das Hutner and Be Love Now, Music Set #2, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #1, Levi, Rosie & Alan read from The Corporate Kannibal Kookbook, Music Set #3, Sponsors

In Hour Two, John Cole of Santa Fe OneHeart opens with his reading, then Levi inspires us with readings on “Envisioning Purpose.” Alan gets in a word of Truth as well, from Paul Selig’s I Am The Word. And Elizabeth Rose wrote a piece on the America’s Cesarean Epidemic, suggesting instead of that “cutting violation,” visioning peaceful births for a peaceful world. Also, our singer songwriter director, Narayan Das, offers us his New Years contribution from A Course In Miracles.

Details Hour Two: John Cole rants, Levi reads on “Envisioning Purpose.” Alan reads from I Am The Word, Music Set #4, Sponsors, Elizabeth Rose on Cesearean Epidemic (sound-bed from Michael Brant De Maria’s album Gaia), Music Set #5, Sponsors, Narayan Das on A Course In Miracles, Singer Songwriter Music Set #6, Sponsors

In Hour Three, a reading with Levi on “Living More & Regretting Less.” Alan reads from Sal Rachele with the Founders and their Message from Earth Changes and 2012. Then, Alan, & Rosie close out the 3rd Bulletin Board with some other submissions and e-mails, including Michael Moore’s humorous piece on how he, Wiki Leaks and the Bush Administration are, as the saying goes, all in the same bed together. We also have an important message about Bradley Manning’s plight and activist organizations you can support or join in 2011.

Details Hour Three: Bulletin Board #2, Levi on “Living More & Regretting Less,” Music Set #7, Sponsors, Alan on Sal Rachele and the Founders Message, Music Set #8, Sponsors, Bulletin Board #3 including Michael Moore piece + more!, Show Close and Preview of January 9th 2011 Show, Music Set #9

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