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Rhea Goodman - Living Juicy RadioRhea Goodman interviews Elsie Maio, business journalist and brand strategist and consultant – among many other things – who is interested in the feminization of businesses, and aligning business with human values – what she calls “Soul Branding”. Those interested in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) might well have something to learn from this interview!

2 Responses to ““Soul Branding” – Aligning Companies with Human Values”

  1. This trending issue is especially important in my part of the world, Oceania. As the Asia/Southeast Asia tourism industry expands, indigenous Pacific Island families must learn to protect their land from unscrupulous predators and partner instead, with socially responsible corporations. Thank you Elsie for keeping this 21st century issue in the public eye.

    From Pago Pago, John

  2. Elsie Maio March 27, 2011

    Dear John, I encourage you to work with your government leaders to set the standards for corporate partnering that enhance the sustainability of your wonderful region. Please feel free to contact me for a template that might be useful to you. Elsie