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Faren DancerFirst broadcast on Saturday, December 4th, 2010, on Talk Radio 1260 KTRC

My guest on this week’s Unicopia Green Radio is Douglas Stewart, climate educator, environmentalist and award winning playwright.  We discuss the current state of public awareness, the media, the activists and grassroots efforts in the move toward sustainable community.

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One Response to “Green Building and Sustainable Development”

  1. I thought listeners might be interested in the great story from Grist about a Texan who takes sustainable building to its ultimate extreme!

    “Texas home builder Dan Phillips transforms trash into artful treasures, creating intricate floor mosaics with wood scraps, kitchen counters from ivory-colored bones, and roofs out of license plates.

    The fantastical houses which spring from his imagination are made almost entirely with materials which would otherwise have ended up in a garbage dump.”

    Great story!