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June 5, 2010
George Cappannelli
Sedena Cappannelli
Wes Studi Honored With AgeNation Life Achievement Award As Broadway Series Part Two at The Lensic

Santa Fe’s own Wes Studi, acclaimed actor, musician, sculptor and activist received an AgeNation Life Achievement Award on stage at the Lensic on Saturday Night prior to the performance of Rupert Holmes Tony nominated play, Say Goodnight Gracie.

AgeNation Co-Founders, George and Sedena Cappannelli began the presentation with congratulatory messages from Emmy Award winning writer, Kirk Ellis; Santa Fe author, Michael McGarrity; and director Chris Eyre. The presentation ceremony also included Tracy Lopez, of the New Mexico Film Office and Pablo Sedillo, who read a message from Senator Jeff Bingaman who said, “On behalf of the people of New Mexico, I want to thank you not only for sharing your remarkable gifts as an actor, but also for the inspiration and encouragement you share with the Native American children you mentor.”

The award, designed and donated by Nambe reads, “As an actor, sculptor, musician, author and activist, you touch, inform and inspire us. Your performances in Dances with Wolves, The Last of the Mohicans, Geronimo and Avatar, to name just a few of your films and television productions, are as compelling as they are unforgettable. In these artistic expressions and in your life you serve as an example of commitment, heart, personal courage and excellence.”

Following the presentation Joel Rooks, star of Say Goodnight Gracie, give a truly inspired performance as George Burns bringing tears and laughter to an appreciative audience. A special post-theater champagne and chocolates VIP reception followed at Milagro139.

The remaining show in “A Broadway Series” at the Lensic, Ethel Merman’s Broadway featuring Rita McKenzie (June 25.26,27) will involve the presentation of an AgeNation Life Achievement award to Nancy Zeckendorf, Chairman of The Lensic Board.

AgeNation Life Achievement Awards are presented to individuals whose life and body of work both in their primary careers as well as in their relationship with their community at large serve as inspiring examples of what is possible for people in the second half of life as well as to younger individuals who may have limited perspectives of what older individuals can and do achieve.

Through A Broadway Series and other special events, Empower New Mexico seeks to raise both awareness and funds to underwrite efforts that inform, inspire and engage individuals in the second half of life on the critical challenges and important opportunities facing them as a result of the demographic revolution that will soon find 50% of our population here in New Mexico and around the country over 50 years of age for the first time in history.

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