“In these turbulent times, our ability to accept change, to deal with it consciously…may well be one of the most important abilities we can develop.”
Gerald Jampolski, MD – Author of Love is Letting Go of Fear
Rejuvenation and Balance for Your Body, Mind and Spirit
A 12 Week eCourse
Fee: $149
Experience wellness, vitality and balance with practical, hands on tools for your personal self enhancement and de-aging. Rejuvenate daily as you heal your body from the inside out, calm your mind and renew your spirit. Sedena Cappannelli, author of Authenticity, Say Yes To Change and creator of The Portable Self Enhancement Program presents this life-changing, exciting e-course.

Starting Today You Can:

  • Revitalize and re-balance your body, mind and spirit
  • Reduce stress as you increase strength, stamina and wholeness
  • Heighten self awareness and inner peace
  • Create a true connection with your body’s healing ability
  • Improve digestion, libido, posture, circulation, relaxation and much more…

Einstein told us that – energy is all that there is. As a whole system of energy we have the ability through the practice of these simple energy-healing exercises to restore and renew our whole being that is crying out for balance and wholeness.


Course Elements Special Video Introduction Weekly Lessons Downloads Teleconference Coaching Sessions Weekly Assignments Special Journal Work Personal Sessions (Upon Request) Valuable Ongoing Support A Signed Copy of Say Yes To Change