AgeNation Experts are individuals who we believe have the very best information and experience to offer you. They are experienced, trustworthy, talented and do their very best to inspire, collaborate and support all of us to live lives of greater consciousness, lives in which we can express our dreams and contribute to betterment of the world around us. Some of these experts are working directly with AgeNation and others are simply doing terrific work in the world and we want to share their wisdom with you.


Dr. Benson is the founder of Santa Fe Soul Health & Healing Center, an innovative, multi-disciplinary center that combines traditional and alternative modalities. She specializes in pain management, women’s health, and family medicine. Dr. Benson is board-certified in orthopedic and pediatric acupuncture. Visit Robyn on the
Wellness-Health pages and
JOHN BRADSHAW – Wellness and Transitions

For the past four decades, John has combined his exceptional skills as the role of counselor, author, management consultant, theologian, philosopher, and public speaker, becoming one of the leading figures in the fields of addiction/recovery, family systems, relationships, Spiritual and emotional growth, and management training. Visit with John on the Wellness-Health and Life Transitions pages and at
GEORGE CAPPANNELLI – Wellness, Careers, Engagement, Transitions

George has been assisting and inspiring thousands of individuals as well as some of the premier organizations in the private, public and non-profit sectors to craft new visions, articulate their goals and accomplish their objectives for more than 25 years. He is the author of 9 books and has been privileged to work with a number of major world leaders. Visit George on the Wellness-Health, Careers, Civic Engagement and Life Transitions pages and at
Sedena Cappannelli SEDENA CAPPANNELLI – Wellness, Careers, Transitions

Sedena is recognized nationally as a speaker, author, and Whole Life-Synergy Consultant inspiring and empowering individuals and organizations to create greater levels of energy, balance, wellness, and purpose. Her books include: Authenticity, Say Yes To Change and the soon to be released, Do Not Go Quietly, Keys to Making The Best of The Rest of Your Life. Visit Sedena on the
Wellness-Health, Careers and Life Transitions pages and at
SHEVA CARR – Wellness and Transitions

Sheva is a licensed HeartMath Trainer, is the founder and CEO of Fyera!, as well as the founding Executive Director of the Fyera and Foundation and Sunflower SunPower Kids and the co-director of HeartMastery, a new HeartMath initiative. Visit Sheva on the
Wellness-Health and Life Transitions pages and at
HYLA CASS, MD – Wellness

Dr. Cass is one of the country’s foremost authors and speakers on the subject of integrative medicine. A former Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine, Her books include: Supplement Your Prescription, 8 Weeks To Vibrant Health. Visit with Hyla on the
Wellness-Health pages and at
PEMA CHÖDRÖN – Wellness and Transitions

Pema is one of the most prominent Buddhist teachers in the West today and a leading exponent of meditation and how it applies to everyday life. She is resident teacher at Gampo Abbey monastery in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Her bestselling books include When Things Fall Apart, The Places That Scare You, and Taking the Leap. Visit Pema Chodon on the
Wellness-Health and Life Transitions pages and at
DENYS COPE RN, BSN, MSS – Transitions

Denys has been an RN for 44+ years and a hospice nurse for 24 years. She is also a Healthcare Consultant, End-of-Life Coach, and professional speaker specializing in the dying process, eldercare, and end-of-life care. Her book is Dying A Natural Passage. Visit Denys on the
Life Transitions pages and
Faren Dancer FAREN DANCER – Careers

Faren is a designer, builder, educator, consultant who specializes in green building and sustainability. He is the Chair of the Santa Fe Green Building Council, Past President, Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association and the designer/builder of the first Emerald Certified home in the country. Visit Faren on the Civic Engagement pages of this site, at Unicopia Green Radio and at
DR. BARBARA DE ANGELIS – Relationships

Dr. De Angelis is one of the most influential teachers of our time in the field of personal and spiritual development. For the past thirty-five years, she has reached tens of millions of people throughout the world with her positive messages about love, happiness and the search for meaning in our lives. Visit with Barbara on the
Relationships pages and at
6 GAIL EDGELL – Wellness

Gail Edgell, a pioneer in the field of wellness, has implemented hundreds of health and fitness programs for Fortune 500 companies. She is the founder of Inside Out Wellness Ltd., a company that helps individuals who are at risk for developing disease or have experienced setbacks because of medical conditions. Through 360 Menopause she assists women in living a vibrant, symptom-free second half of life. Visit Gail on the Wellness-Health and Life Transitions pages of this site and at
7 JUDITH FEIN – Travel

Judith Fein is an award-winning international travel journalist. Her new book, LIFE IS A TRIP explores how encounters with people as well as places can change your life. She has written travel articles for more than 90 magazines and newspapers and was a regular reporter for “The Savvy Traveler” on national public radio for 6 years. Visit Judith on the Travel pages and at
8 PAUL Ross – Travel

Paul Ross’s specialty is travel as seen through the lens of anything exotic, funny or edible (preferably all three together!). Paul is the travel editor of DRINK ME magazine and travel photographer for Spirituality and Health Magazine. He has contributed articles and photos to more than sixty publications. Visit Paul on the Travel pages and at

Richard, a Naturopathic Physician and Psychotherapist, has been in private practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico since 1982. He specializes in natural nutrition empasizing a simple natural diet with the use of superfoods to promote health,wellbeing and enhanced longevity. He also specializes in the use of Homeopathic medicine and Flower essence therapy. Visit Richard on the Wellness-Health pages of this site.
MICHAEL GELB – Wellness and Careers

Michael is the world’s leading authority on the application of genius thinking to personal and organizational development and a pioneer in the field of accelerated learning. He is the author of 12 books including the international best seller How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci. Visit Michael on the Wellness-Health and Careers pages and at
DR. JEAN HOUSTON – Wellness, Engagement, Transitions

Dr. Houston, scholar, philosopher and researcher in human capacities, is one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time, one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement. A powerful and dynamic speaker, she inspires and invigorates people in 40 cultures and 100 countries conveying her vision – the finest possible achievement of the individual potential. Visit Jean on the
Wellness-Health, Civic Engagement and Life Transitions pages and at
KELLY HOWELL – Wellness and Transitions

Kelly is highly acclaimed for her pioneering work in healing and mind expansion. With more than two million audio programs sold, and decades of experience, she is a leader in the field of self help audio. Her new book, BrainPower, with co-author Michael Gebl will change the way you think about aging. Visit with Kelly on the
Wellness-Health and Life Transitions pages and at
JERRY JAMPOLSKY, MD – Wellness and Transitions

Jerry Jampolsky, M.D. is both a Child and Adult Psychiatrist. He is a Professor of Complementary Medicine at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine. His books, including Letting Go of Fear, are available in over 30 languages. After a quarter of a century his book, Love Is Letting Go of Fear has become a classic all on personal transformation all over the world. Visit with Jerry on the
Wellness-Health and Life Transitions pages and at
HARRIETTE KING – Transitions

Harriet is an author and her passions are ceremonies of initiation, empowerment of women, empowerment of the Elders and the practice of true intimacy with her tribe and community. Harriette has received degrees and certifications in psychology, education, hypnotherapy, the Kabbalah, Consciousness trainings, shaman training, ministry, and other mystery school trainings. Visit Harriette on the
Life Transitions pages and at
DR. PAT LOVE – Relationships and Transitions

Distinguished professor, Certified Love Educator, Pat Love, Ed.D. is known for warmth, humor and commitment to learning. For more than twenty-five years, she has contributed to relationship education and personal development through her books, articles, training programs, speaking and media appearances. Visit Pat on the
Relationships and Life Transitions pages and at
JEDDAH MALI – Wellness and Transitions

Jeddah has studied with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, His Holiness Ajahn Buddhadassa, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Master Goenka and realised teachers in the Tibetan, Theravadan and Bhutanese traditions of Buddhism. She is a leading teacher in the consciousness movement. Visit Jeddah on the
Wellness-Health and Life Transitions pages and at
HOWARD MARTIN – Wellness, Careers, Transitions

Howard brings more than 30 years of experience in business and personal development to the position of Executive Vice President, Strategic Development at HeartMath. Howard is one of HeartMath’s founders and co-author with Doc Childre of The HeartMath Solution. Visit Howard on the
Wellness-Health, Careers and Life Transitions pages and at

Bill is a kind of rare Earth element. He’s not only a visionary environmentalist and arguably the leading writer and educator and advocate on the perils of climate change; he is also a leading voice on the need for a new economics that values people and values the planet. As a writer and educator he also provides a bridge into the realm of activism and social change. His book, End of Nature is perhaps the first book about climate change for the general public. Visit Bill on the
Finance-Money pages and at
MICHAEL MEADE – Engagement and Transitions

Michael has studied myth, anthropology, history of religion, and cross-cultural rituals for over 35 years. His hypnotic and fiery storytelling, and spellbinding interpretations of ancient myths and symbols are highly relevant to current culture. Visit Michael on the Life Transitions and Civic Engagement pages and at

Marilynn is a nationally syndicated columnist, Emmy award winning TV producer, and playwright. She is the creator of Energy Express, the longest running fitness and wellness column in the U.S. Visit with Marilynn on the
Wellness-Health pages and at
DEBBIE ROBINS – Careers and Transitions

Debbie is a highly respected executive, leadership and career coach with deep roots in the entertainment industry. She is affiliated with the prestigious Rockport Institute of Career Change and Counseling in Washington, D.C and blogs for The Huffington Post. Visit Debbie on the
Careers and Life Transitions pages and at
Robin Fisher Roffer - Careers, Branding Reinvention Expert ROBIN FISHER ROFFER – Careers and Transitions
Robin Fisher Roffer is a reinvention and personal branding specialist. She is the author of several books [Amazon Link] on fearless leadership and brand storytelling, including Make A Name For Yourself: 8 Steps Every Woman Needs To Create A Personal Brand Strategy For Success and The No-Fear Career: 12 Steps to Becoming a Courageous Leader in the Face of Uncertainty. She’s also CEO, Big Fish Marketing, Inc. Visit Robin on the Careers and Transitions pages and at
MARSALA RYPKA – Relationships

Marsala is a writer and celebrity journalist who is working on a new book that explores social consciousness and self discovery with insights into the lives and relationships of celebrities. Her interviews include: Andre Agassi, Anthony Hopkins, Bette Midler, Barry Manilow, Carlos Santana, Jay- Z, Jerry Rice, Mick Fleetwood, Meredith Vieira, Peggy Fleming, Shirley MacLaine, William Shatner, Wynonna Judd and others. Her message is to connect, communicate and celebrate a meaningful life. Visit her on the
Relationships pages.”
DR. NORM SHEALY – Wellness

Dr. Shealy is a graduate of Duke Medical School and an accomplished neurosurgeon. His patented system for curing chronic pain is used by traditional and non-traditional practitioners in nearly every specialty today: Visit Norm on the
Wellness-Health pages and at
GUS SPETH – Finance

Gus is a Professor of Law at the Vermont Law School in South Royalton, Vermont and Distinguished Senior Fellow at Demos in New York City. He has served as Dean of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Administrator of the United Nations Development Program and chair of the UN Development Group, Founder and President of the World Resources Institute and senior attorney and cofounder, Natural Resources Defense Council. Visit Gus Speth on the
Finance-Money pages and at

Kelly, the Dream Doctor, specializes in empowering people to live the life of their dreams. A Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, her books include: the bestselling I Had The Strangest Dream, The Dreamer’s Dictionary For The 21st Century. Visit with Kelly on the Wellness-Health pages and at
John Wasko JOHN WASKO – Travel

John Wasko recently launched American Samoa’s only full color lifestyle magazine, BusyCorner, an eco-tourism product showcase which is beginning to play a key role in the rebuilding of American Samoa’s tourism industry. John both writes and makes videos on Samoa’s magnificent rainforests, reefs, history and culture. Visit with John on the Travel pages and at BusyCorner Magazine Blog.
Mark Kohler MARK KOHLER – Finance

Mark Kohler is an attorney, CPA, entrepreneur, best-selling author, national speaker, radio show host, news contributor, & pundit. He is leading voice for entrepreneurs and small business owners, having taught thousands of people how to take control of their own financial future through his powerful business, tax, & legal strategies. You can also find him on AgeNation Radio as host of the The Mark Kohler Show (MKS – Coming Soon.
Michael Stillwater MICHAEL STILLWATER – Transitions

Michael is founder of Song Without Borders and a pioneer of evolutionary song. Through his music, film, speaking and events he inspires people to remember their connection to the ‘Great Song’, the inner music which connects us all. His nationally acclaimed audio resources Graceful Passages and Care for the Journey help in reducing stress around transitions. Visit Michael on the and Life Transitions pages and at
Doris Laesser Stillwater

Psych.FH, with over thirty years counseling and group leadership. Her work draws from C.G. Jung analysis, Gestalt therapy, Bodytherapy, Insight Meditation and Tibetan Buddhism. Her retreats in America and Europe, co-led with her husband, artist/educator Michael Stillwater, help people in transtion and are known for their reflection and insight. Visit Doris on the and Life Transitions pages and at
Teresa Lopez - AgeNation Finance Expert TERESA LOPEZ – Finance

Teresa Lopez has been a financial, mortgage consultant for over 20 years, serving as Vice President to Fortune 500 financial companies and operating her own company for over 12 years. In 2002 she piloted Fannie Mae’s Energy Efficient Mortgage program in New Mexico and has facilitated funding for many green projects over the past decade. Visit with Teresa on the Finance pages and at or
David Dibble - AgeNation Careers Expert DAVID DIBBLE – Careers

David Dibble, a former CEO, is a keynote speaker, trainer, consultant, & spiritual teacher. He has written 4 books, including The New Agreements in the Workplace and The New Agreements in Healthcare, both of which describe creating more Conscious Leadership in organizations. David’s most current work is in an area he calls “CTypes,” which describe how human beings think. Visit David on our Careers pages & at &
Ruth Drayer - AgeNation Numerology Expert RUTH DRAYER – Life Transitions

Ruth is a longtime intuitive Numerologist. The author of Numerology, The Power in Numbers, Her spiritual interpretations of the numbers have been compared to Edgar Cayce’s. Ruth has been teaching, lecturing, appearing on radio, TV, Whole Earth Expos and doing spiritual counseling for over thirty years. Visit Ruth on our Life Transitions pages & at &
Pamela Holtzman - AgeNation Wellness Expert PAMELA HOLTZMAN – Wellness-Health

Pamela Holtzman, R.N., LSCW, combines her medical background with a combination of cognitive therapy, traumatic release with EMDR ( and EFT, ( and integrative psychotherapy, to facilitate wholeness and wellness. She has recently released her new book Healthy Lifestyle Path of Wellness, a wholistic approach to live a long, healthy life. She teaches and trains Wellness Programs at a national level. To find out more about Pamela’s work visit her website