Comment Policy

AgeNation welcomes your comments on articles and information posted on rEVO, our online magazine and on other sections of our site.  To facilitate this process our editorial team moderates all comments to ensure that those that are appropriate are published and those that are not are deleted.  We also invite members of our AgeNation community to help in this process by flagging inappropriate comments.

Moderating comments is, of course, a somewhat subjective process. However, our editorial staff and members of the AgeNation community can utilize the basic guidelines identified below that assist us to be in compliance with U.S. law, including copyright law, and regulations pertaining to intellectual property.

From the perspective of someone wishing to comment and wondering about the comment’s appropriateness, we invite you to first ask yourself if it violates any of the guidelines.  If it does, then please do not submit it.

Here are a few guidelines:

(I)  AgeNation welcomes all individuals to join our community and to comment and treat all members of the community equally.

We do not discriminate based on the person who is posting, and we never censor comments for political or ideological reasons. In short, we do not delete an appropriate comment because we disagree with its viewpoint or ideology, and we never publish an inappropriate comment because we agree with or support its viewpoint.  And we definitely do not tolerate ad hominem attacks of any kind.

(II) AgeNation wants our site to a place where all members of our community can conduct open, transparent, and valuable conversations and can connect, discuss, share ideas, and debate the issues.

Passionate, engaged conversation can sometimes lead to frustration, exaggeration, sarcasm, biting humor and anger. Courtesy can vanish, manners can be abandoned. As a community dedicated to being open and transparent and wanting engaged dialogue on issues that matter, we can tolerate this.

We also allow a reasonable level of profanity, but our commitment to civility is high and we apply common-sense to tell the difference between the two.  Where possible, we do our best to err on the side of openness and transparency.

(III) AgeNation is committed to maintaining an engaging, non-toxic atmosphere.

We do not allow comments that advocate or support hatred or unlawful violence. We do not allow racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, or other expressions of intolerance. Likewise, threats of violence or threats to anyone or to any group’s personal safety are not acceptable and therefore not permitted. We also do not allow false claims or misleading implications that any individual or group perpetuates hate or unlawful violence.

We do not allow comments that criticize others based on physical appearances or mental characteristics. We do not allow comments that celebrate the death, illness, or personal loss of any person.

(IV) AgeNation seeks to preserve a civil conversation.  As a result, we do not allow trolls, trollish behavior, or stalking.

We do not allow speech that is solely intended to provoke other users, to cause disorder or confusion, or to inhibit regular, on-topic conversation. In this area especially, we defer to the flags left by our users in the context of our growing community reputation system.

We also do not tolerate stalking. This includes posting personal information about another community member, pursuing another member from thread to thread in an attempt to harass, deliberately misquote or lie about another member, copying a username in order to embarrass or harass another member, or unwelcome sexual advances toward another member. In addition, we do not tolerate lying about being a staff moderator or about communications with a staff moderator.

(V) AgeNation believes its members deserve to be free from spam, and we do not allow posting the same comment multiple times within one thread or on multiple threads.

We do our best to delete all comments containing business solicitations or other advertising of personal interests, blogs, or websites. (A link to a personal blog is fine.)

Spam includes comments that are off-topic. If off-topic conversation inhibits or prevents on-topic conversation, we consider it comment hijacking, and do not allow it. That said, we understand that AgeNation comment threads aren’t just about content. They’re also about conversation. And in natural conversation, people exchange pleasantries, greetings, congratulations, praise, and other social gestures. So we err on the side of facilitating an open conversation, even when that means permitting limited off-topic comments and conversation. Also in this area especially, we defer to the flags left by our users in the context of our growing community reputation system.

*This AgeNation comment policy borrows liberally from that used on The Huffington Post.  We applaud their clarity and thank them for their conscious creativity.