“If you only expect the best, you very often get it.” – W. Somerset Maughm

Are you ready to make the best of the rest of your life?  rEVO is your online magazine, your source for news, information and inspiration presented by leading experts and authors.  They offer valuable insights into relevant topics that can help you live consciously and age wisely in a very brave new world.

The topic areas described below – wellness, finance, careers, relationships, civic engagement, life transitions and travel – are just the beginning of what you will find in these pages designed to contribute to a lifestyle revolution that will help us create a sane, sustainable and successful world.

So if want to keep up with what is happening, get involved, learn new skills, develop your abilities, meet new people, and experiment with this precious gift called your life… browse our categories of articles written by experts…

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Body, mind and spirit. Learn more about nutrition, exercise, creativity, hobbies, allopathic, naturopathic and energy medicine, spiritual practices and much more… read more >


Wealth Management, Investment, Real Estate, Legacy Giving and others topics that can help you lead a more abundant and successful life… read more >


Learning to love what you do and do what you love is an art in itself. Take advantage of the insight, recommendations and programs offered… read more >


Creating loving relationships, experiencing greater intimacy, building strong connections, communicating with greater clarity, these are skills we can learn that will lead to a more conscious life… read more >

Making a difference in the world around you. Sharing your gifts and talents, forming strong alliances, contributing to the quality of life, leaving behind a legacy of greater promise and hope… read more >

Changes in careers, relationships, geography, health, and in finances. Changes in roles: care givers; care takers; empty nesters, retirement. And then, of course, there is aging and dying… read more >

The world is a remarkable place, a literal classroom on cultures, languages, customs, crafts, and fascinating people. Travel adventures, exotic destinations, ecotourism, guided trips and much more… read more >


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