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| July 1, 2017

Four Keys to Living the Lives We Are Blessed and Born To Live

These four words are keys to a new world. They also describe the vision and spirit that have brought Sedena and George Cappannelli, co-founders of AgeNation and champions of an age-friendly world, together with Mingtong Gu, internationally renowned Qigong Master, teacher and healer and founder of The Chi Center, in a fortuitous and heart-felt collaboration.

“Our goal, significant, but at its core simple and clear,” shares George. “Bring leading wisdom keepers together with people passionate about learning and living their lives more fully to contribute their insights, tools, practices and recommendations that support all of us, individually and collectively, in making a very complex and challenging passage. It’s a passage we know is necessary, but certainly not easy.”

George explains that “although the times we are living are reverberating from the clash of departing values and old story practices struggling tenaciously to retain their limiting grip on us, remarkable, relevant, emerging new stories are offering us greater hope and promise. There are abundant opportunities for individual and collective creative expression and responsible engagement and pathways to new levels of consciousness, a greater commitment to genuine wellness, a celebration of true wisdom and the opportunity to contribute to the next stage of heart-centered community.”

This is the reason the trio has created the Qigong and Conscious Aging event being held August 4 to 6 in Galisteo, New Mexico. “For this event we invited people we consider to be truth tellers and wisdom keepers to join us at Mingtong’s beautiful new 80 acre retreat complex in the rolling landscape just 15 minutes south of Santa Fe,” shares George. “Wisdom keepers who will inspire us, talented musicians who will lift our spirits, an informative panel who will answer some of our questions, the world conference premier of an uplifting television special that will bring another group of remarkable and gifted authors, nourishing food to stimulate our palettes and, above all, the opportunity for us to gather together in celebration, sharing and remembrance of Buckminster Fuller’s sage advice, ‘We are called to be the architects of the future, not its victims’.”

Wisdom Keepers include poet, mystical scholar and spiritual teacher, Andrew Harvey; internationally renowned author and mind, body, spirit way shower, Joan Borysenko; globally recognized ecumenical teacher and truth teller, Fr. Richard Rohr; New York Times best-selling author and gifted guide to insight and intuition, Judith Orloff; Honorary Research Fellow at University of Wales Trinity Saint David and author of Near-Death Experience, Dr. Gregory Shushan; and author, documentarian and expert on sustainability, Nathan Crane.

“One of the most joyful and gifted teachers of qigong in the world and a way shower who will weave the magic and power of Wisdom Healing Qigong throughout the weekend, Master Mingtong Gu,” shares George. In addition, George and Sedena Cappannelli will share information from their award-winning books Do Not Go Quietly, Getting Unstuck and the Best is Yet to Be. Add in the celebratory music and dance performance of Grammy Award Winner, Robert Mirabal and the talents of other gifted performers including Consuleo Luz and Michael Cott.

“All of this and more, just a stone’s throw away from the historic Santa Fe Plaza, on beautiful land under the magical and expansive New Mexico sky where we can all play, learn, celebrate, share our gifts and our commitment to creating a more conscious, compassionate, empowering world and explore valuable keys to a vibrant future,” says George. “So come, let us together be the midwives of the new story and in the process answer some of the fundamental questions each of us is being asked in this time.”

• How, in the face of this confusion and turmoil, do we live lives of genuine meaning and purpose?

• How do we honor the central values that issue our hearts and celebrate the unique gifts that each of us has come here to manifest?

• How do we stay in touch with our humanity, our compassion and gratitude and with the truth that lies within us and that is both our right and our responsibility to share?

• And how do we reconnect with our vitality, with our innate joy, passion and wonder and keep faith with the promise of living the unique and authentic lives we were born to live – lives as the poet June Ford reminded us in which we acknowledge that, “we are the ones we have been waiting for?”

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