The Real Issue Underlying Change

Jeddah Mali - AgeNation Wellness & Transitions ExpertBy Jeddah Mali

I am now old enough to get a sense of the span of time and how things change over the decades, such as the occurrence of snow. And it’s not just the climate that has changed, I also notice the differences these days in how people are with one another, with communication styles, ideas about what life is for and how it can be lived. Our ecology is also different to 50 years ago. Technology and industry are almost unrecognizable from their original forms. The biggest change I have witnessed in my lifetime, is the growing instability people feel and express. The most common way we experience this is in the state of overwhelm.

Some of this is from the relentless pace of the changes. Our environment is speeding up and that is causing many people to feel they cannot keep up, or they cannot operate in the present conditions. One solution many people try is to work harder and faster. Others feel their instability is due to an organizational flaw and spend their lives trying to re-organize their affairs in the hope stability will return. Some put it down to certain criteria that is missing; such as the perfect mate, better financial security, getting a better body.

I don’t know whether this next news is going to seem helpful or not but here it is… none of the above attempts are going to give you long-term relief. The present instability is not due to a personal flaw. The fact that it is prevalent everywhere gives us a clue to its source. The present environment is being driven by an increase in frequencies surrounding the planet. The way human beings collectively perceive their existence is being challenged. The universal assumptions around who we are and how life works are being shaken. We are being offered an opportunity to revise those assumptions.

Our individual conclusions often centre around the lack of something desirable or the fear of something undesirable being true. If these conclusions remain unquestioned, they are stored in the subconscious. They no longer get reviewed consciously because once our belief is set, it’s as good as signing off on it permanently. Our beliefs become so ingrained that they operate under the conscious radar. They become the basis for not only our world view, but our life view. As a result, we treat all life according to our own conclusions. Our perception is set to see what we have accepted as truth. We see what we believe and the cycle continues.

When this cycle is self-perpetuating, our perception becomes fixed. We send that perception forward. We expect certain outcomes. So, even when those outcomes are not particularly satisfying, if we’re offered opportunities to break out of it, we don’t recognize the opportunity for what it is. We don’t see that the unexpected, the uninvited, the inadvertent, the unforeseen are welcome invitations to review our conclusions about life. As we do so, the choices we make start to change.

The increasing vibration on the planet means that the fabric of energy that has been hosting these conclusions is shifting gears. As it does so, conclusions based on lack and fear will no longer ‘hold’. Now put that way, you say, “that’s great, it’ll be easier to reach truer conclusions” and this is so. But don’t underestimate how ingrained the old conclusions have become. So as the planetary energy shifts and our old ways are no longer working (recalibration in all the structures – financial markets, social order, governance, ecology etc), it feels as if we are no longer working. Remember, these assumptions are so deep and foundational to how we view self and life that as they fall away, it feels as if we fall away with them. And that feels de-stabilizing for many people. Rest assured, these changes are enabling us to form truer conclusions. They are assisting us to drop assumptions that are based on lack and fear. They are encouraging us to loosen our grip on our set perception.

The easiest way to ride the changes is to focus on what stays when all else drops away. Focus on simply being present in each moment. Bring your conscious attention into the present as many times a day as you are able. You’ll find that when you are willing to simply be conscious of your presence, whatever you were struggling over, fighting with, in denial of, loathing, resisting the moment before, drops away, evaporates, and it’s possible to instantly enter a spacious, calm, assured state. It’s your choice. Nothing and nobody can take that freedom away from you. It’s your guarantee from Existence. Being conscious of the present automatically ushers in a clear sense of Presence. You’ll find that the present (your Presence!) is innately peaceful, light-filled, steady and wise. It’s a clarifying, grounding, elevating, inspiring, expansive experience. And it’s yours for the having in every moment.

There are many of us walking with you,

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