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Old Math, New Math, Washington Math…2+2 Should Still = 4

Too many countries, including our own, appear “to have made financial commitments that are significantly greater than their fiscal capacities.” I stress the word ‘appear’ because although anyone who has ever done a budget understands that when expenditures exceed income debt results, no one knows – at least from the perspective of the well being of the planet and of the species that reside here – whether debt and what amount of it is a good or bad thing. As we examine the issues we need to consciously decide what kind of nation we want America to be so that we can then decide how to make this re-envisioned nation a reality. Continue reading

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The Coming Demographic Revolution

We are on the edge of one of the greatest social, cultural, economic and demographic revolutions in history. Over the course of the next few decades a significant percentage of the U.S. population as much as 50% of the world population will be over 50 years of age. This demographic tsunami will require us to redefine our personal values, consider new and different priorities, learn new skills, experiment with better use of our available resources and, above all, learn to live more consciously and age more wisely. We explore how. Continue reading

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Unloving Things We sometimes Do in the Name of Loving

If you believe there is not as much love expressed each day in this world as there could be; if you find there are not enough of people around you who equate love with acceptance, compassion and understanding and too many who settle for cheap substitutes, then perhaps it is time we all do something about it. If we are to bring true meaning and purpose into our lives, perhaps first we need to be more willing to look our frailties right in the eye. Continue reading

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