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Change – Adversary or Ally?

George and Sedena Cappannelli encourage us to learn to make change our ally. “Change you bet. A lot of it! Each day, at work, at home and in the world around us, we are being asked to juggle increasingly complex demands – the challenges of our jobs, the needs of our families, the demands of our communities, and the desires that issue from the depths of our own souls. Often this juggling act feels like it is being performed on a tight rope high above the ground and without a net. Continue reading

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Relationships, The Work For Which All Other Work Is But Preparations

Relationships, even in the best of times, can be challenging. This is one of the reasons that divorce rates are often high. In this excerpt from an article by Dr. Pat Love, an AgeNation Expert on intimacy and relationship, Dr. Love looks at the a critical subject of ‘unnecessary divorce.’ Continue reading

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