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Don’t Use Your Name & Job Title – Create Yourself a Tagline

Next time you go to a networking event, do yourself a favor– don’t introduce yourself by your company name and title. So boring! Instead, use a tagline. A tagline speaks volumes about who you are and what you can do … Continue reading

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What is Your Career Speciality?

In reinventing my own career many times and through assisting others in developing their personal brand, I have come to realize that specialists make more money than general practitioners. No matter the specialty, the more narrow your expertise; the more in demand you’ll be. Continue reading

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Bringing Your Career Dreams Into Reality

Do you have a North Star that’s guiding your career? Every successful company I consult with has a powerful vision that serves as their North Star. Why do you need one? Because when you clearly define your goals, you come that much closer to actualizing your dreams. When you finally uncover and get serious about your heart’s desire, the universe starts listening. Continue reading

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If You Don’t Brand Yourself, Someone Else Will

What we think we are isn’t always what others perceive. How are your colleagues and peers branding you? Does it match up to how you want to be perceived? Robin Fisher Roffer’s new series of articles will help you rediscover and declare your unique talents and abilities so you can increase your influence and effectiveness at work. It’s about being seen for who you are and exactly what you do better than anyone else, and not letting others define you. Continue reading

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8 Steps Everyone Needs To Develop Their Brand

I believe in both miracles and destiny, but in the end we make our own realities. Branding doesn’t happen just by deciding it’s a good idea. There’s a lot of work to do…it’s a process that will take time. So why should you bother? Here’s why: To know who you are and be valued for it, to attract what you want, to become more attractive to others, to inspire confidence, to walk your path with integrity, and to distinguish yourself in whatever field you have chosen. Continue reading

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