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Green Talk – Our Renewable Future?

True sustainability begins within each person, in how we think, to have a mind that is perceptive but at peace, a heart capable of love and forgiveness, and the everevolving capacity to visualize the future we wish to experience. These qualities, along with willingness to take action, will drive our transition. The ability to harmonize with ourselves, each other and our environment, will provide the clarity and inspiration to make the wise choices in the dramatic years ahead. Continue reading

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Old Corporate Backed Paradigm v Sustainable Future, NM Style

I was tempted to entitle this month’s column…The Roundhouse Roundup, as the 60 day New Mexico Legislative session is reaching its crescendo. That catchy alliteration aside, this has been the most intense session in recent memory. Continue reading

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Solar Rights 2010: Building Codes, HOAs & You

By Faren Dancer As we venture forth into the hazy landscape of a renewable economy and examine what realities need addressing to enable actual progress, education is the key word that is discussed from the most progressive policy makers to … Continue reading

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Renewable Energy – Linchpin of Recovery: The New Mexico Experience

Here in New Mexico we are banding together while bracing ourselves for the demanding pull of the political pendulum. In the few short weeks of her oil and gas backed regime, Governor Suzanna Martinez has caused many persons of basic sensibility to lapse into bewilderment. Is she fully desensitized to our basic needs of clean air and uncontaminated ground water or merely the mouthpiece of corporate interests? Or is she a true believer that our oil driven consumer society is as American as Chevrolet and must be preserved at all costs? Continue reading

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Backing Away From Our Economic Future? You’ve Gotta Be Kidding!

RenewableEnergyWorld.com reports that the proposed Continuing Resolution (CR), the bill to fund the government through the end of the 2011 fiscal year, contains cuts that will seriously damage efforts to develop and expand the use of innovative clean energy technologies … Continue reading

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Natural Capitalism: The Next Industrial Revolution

By Amory Lovins Capitalism is supposed to be the productive use of and reinvestment in capital. But what is capital? There are several kinds, but industrial capitalism deals only with two: money and goods. There are at least two more, … Continue reading

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Solar Energy Rising

Recently, I received a little membership token from the American Solar Energy Society, a window sticker that reads…”The Solution Comes Up Every Morning”. Funny how something so predictable and taken for granted is one of the most obvious answers to our energy needs. Here in New Mexico, the land of lavish sunshine, many innovative architects and builders experimented with new design approaches that were highlighted by passive solar innovations. Continue reading

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