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Don’t Let Lean Times Be Mean Times

Financial hardship comes with its own brand of stress because it affects every aspect of our life, beginning with survival, and when survival is involved, there are no small issues. The added strain can cause distance and disappointment in relationships. Without awareness and forethought, shame and fear can drive a wedge in your relationship. But there are ways to weather the storm together. Continue reading

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Why Gay marriage is Important: Equity.

by Dr. Pat Love, Ed.D, Distinguished Professor & Certified Love Educator! This article is dedicated to my beloved friends Patrick and Jason. True love never dies… There’s a New Yorker cartoon showing a couple in their living room reading the … Continue reading

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Is MySpace Your Space – Or Do You Have Something To Hide?

Would you, right this minute, be willing to turn over all your cyberspace records: email, text, phone, tweets, Facebook and internet searches to your partner? given the fact that the incidence of affairs as well as pornography use is so high, it may not be such a bad idea if your aim is a happy, stable relationship. A habit that begins with YouTube clips can end up destroying your interest and attraction for your mate. Far too few people realize how seductive, even addictive cyber-habits can be. Continue reading

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Relationships, The Work For Which All Other Work Is But Preparations

Relationships, even in the best of times, can be challenging. This is one of the reasons that divorce rates are often high. In this excerpt from an article by Dr. Pat Love, an AgeNation Expert on intimacy and relationship, Dr. Love looks at the a critical subject of ‘unnecessary divorce.’ Continue reading

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