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The Real Issue Underlying Change

The present instability is not due to a personal flaw. The fact that it is prevalent everywhere gives us a clue to its source. The present environment is being driven by an increase in frequencies surrounding the planet. The way human beings collectively perceive their existence is being challenged. The universal assumptions around who we are and how life works are being shaken. We are being offered an opportunity to revise those assumptions. Continue reading

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Only Now …

Acceptance. It is a universal pull that we wish to feel content within our skin, to be at peace, to experience a mind at rest, to be satisfied. The notion of perfection, and the imagined state of satisfaction, is always seen in the future. To chase after a state of acceptance is a pretty powerful indicator that we consider our present state to be lacking the necessary conditions for acceptance. So we are longing for something different to occur in the future without realizing that tomorrow is made of the exact same elements as today? Continue reading

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Love Letter To The World

In this Wellness Post, Jeddah Mali, asks, “When we wake up each morning, do we give orders for the sun to pass over the sky, for the birds to start singing, for all the creatures to awake and go about their business? Do we send instructions for our breathing to change its rhythm, for our pupils to bring in the correct amount of light? Do we signal for the tide to turn, the moon to wane, the seasons to pass? No, it’s obvious that we don’t. But if we are not doing it, what is? What is taking care of it all? Continue reading

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