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Five Real Estate-Mortgage Tips to Financially Come Out on Top in 2011

So it’s 2011 – Now what do we do?
Move forward with confidence that things will get better. Here are five tips to begin the decade so that you may finish on top with your personal finances as they relate to real estate and mortgages. Continue reading

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Keynes vs. Friedman – The Economic Wrestling Match That Will Determine Our Future

First in a series looking at whether the economic theories of Keynes or Friedman, or perhaps even a new third course, will provide the solutions which will help our country and the world community as a whole to find its way out of the current world economic crisis. Whether we will languish in a period of slow to no growth or even worse, experience a period of deepening economic downturn as a result of these choices is clearly a very important topic, one that should not be avoided because our academics and politicians seem inclined to present it in language that is unnecessarily complex and even confusing. Our aim is to start a conversation by which we can clarify the arguments and the consequences from which we all must chose. Continue reading

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