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Holistic Elements in Plastic Surgery

The notion that we can influence health with our minds is an appealing concept. Western medicine often leaves little room for this idea — focusing mostly on drugs and sharp surgical instruments to treat illness. This is changing, however, as techniques such as acupuncture, homeopathy, and guided imagery become more closely studied and integrated into the conservative tradition. Controlled studies point to tangible benefits, including reductions in nausea, pain, and length of hospital stays. Continue reading

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The Greening of Healthcare

Only 100 years ago, we thrived on the health benefits of whole foods and plant-based medicines, and tuned in daily to the seasonal cycles of nature as guideposts for our most important daily decisions. The greening of healthcare is in our hands as we make choices today to value this path of vitality and wellness, and to honor our role to restore and maintain our personal, environmental and planetary health. Continue reading

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