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State of Ease – Balance & Resilience in your Mental & Emotional System

More and more people share that they are feeling an intuitive nudge to add more heart warmth and deeper connection within themselves and with others. At the speed of life today, operating with low heart energy is often compared to a vehicle that’s operating low on oil, which increases the vulnerability to stress and malfunction. This article suggests a few advantages of accessing our state of inner-ease, not just for bailing out of emotional turbulence, but to use throughout the day for maintaining connection and coherent alignment between the heart, mind and emotions. Continue reading

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The Power of the Heart

Whether people mention speaking from the heart, listening to the heart, connecting with the heart, or following the heart, it is a clear sign that there is increased energetic awareness of the importance of the heart in all of life’s decisions. As a result, a new understanding of “heart” is emerging – the realization of the heart as a dynamic, creative intelligence, encompassing physical, emotional, intuitive and energetic/spiritual aspects, essential for providing discernment and guidance to navigate life and experience wholeness fulfillment. Continue reading

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Taming The 800 Pound HealthCare Gorilla

Healthcare costs are going through the roof – even with a new healthcare bill. No one disputes it nor are any of us immune to the long-term implications of this trend. It spells increasing challenges for every business, and for every individual. Indeed, we have painted ourselves into a corner, to the point where we are rapidly going to have to rethink the entire system – a system that is less reactive and more preventative. Continue reading

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