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It’s Just a Little Anxiety…Right?

In today’s fast-paced world with intense deadlines and increasingly complicated financial situations, there is one experience common to menopausal women; anxiety. We all have unique stressors that increase anxiety in our lives, but while we may not all share the same triggers; we can all empathize with the effects of increased menopausal anxiety. The physical affects are only a small sample of the plethora of symptoms that are associated with anxiety in menopausal women and these alone are enough for most of us to seek a solution, but in order to treat anxiety during menopause, one must first understand it. Continue reading

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Can Sleep Affect my Hormone Balance?

Like many things in a woman’s life sleep can be greatly affected during menopause. When
the hormones in our bodies begin to change we can experience a period in our lives in
which deep sleep can be hard to come by. While there are a number of drugs offered to
help women sleep through the night, most of them are highly addictive and can lead to
withdrawal. In order to explore some natural remedies that menopausal women can use to
solve sleep problems we must first explore the cause of our lack of sleep. Continue reading

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Is Hormone Replacement Therapy for Me?

Everyone is talking about bioidentical hormones.

Women across the global are looking for alternative ways to alleviate the symptoms of perimenopause. I bet you are too. It’s time to look at a more natural approach to easing the symptoms of perimenopause.

REALLY – You do not have to use synthetic hormones anymore? Continue reading

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Perimenopause – What is That?

What better place to start a series on coping with Menopause than with the years leading up to it. In this first post we look at how simply taking better care of yourself can make your journey to menopause a bittersweet success. Continue reading

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