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End Health Care Hysteria! 10 Ways to Save the U.S. and You

By Marilynn Preston Personally, I love a smart, juicy debate. But over the last few weeks, I’ve grown weary and frustrated listening to our political leaders argue about the escalating cost of health care in this country. Runaway health care … Continue reading

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Exercise: Fear of Trying – How To Overcome It and Get Fit

By Marilynn Preston Why don’t more people exercise? They know they should — they would feel better, look zippier and have more energy — but something mysterious holds them back. The major something is time, as in not having enough … Continue reading

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Success Tips and Tools For Companies & Individuals

A healthy body, a clear mind and positive emotions for ourselves, and sound organizational vision, a clear strategic plan and a stable financial base for our companies are essential ingredients if you want to achieve and sustain optimum levels of professional and personal performance. And yet with all of the daily pushes and pulls at work and at home, it is easy to find a reason to not do the things that we need to do to maintain balance and well-being – our own and our company’s. Continue reading

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Secrets of the Fountain of Youth – Part Two

In part one of this article I began to explore my personal approach to health and longevity; that is, how to delay the usual pitfalls of aging as long as possible. As I discussed, while death is inevitable, the goal here is to have a joyous, fulfilling, and healthy life for as many years as possible along the way. I’ll share what has worked for me, my friends, colleagues, readers, and patients. In this 2nd part I look at A healthy lifestyle including good diet, appropriate supplements, including hormonal supplementation, and regular exercise! Continue reading

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Perimenopause – What is That?

What better place to start a series on coping with Menopause than with the years leading up to it. In this first post we look at how simply taking better care of yourself can make your journey to menopause a bittersweet success. Continue reading

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The Greening of Healthcare

Only 100 years ago, we thrived on the health benefits of whole foods and plant-based medicines, and tuned in daily to the seasonal cycles of nature as guideposts for our most important daily decisions. The greening of healthcare is in our hands as we make choices today to value this path of vitality and wellness, and to honor our role to restore and maintain our personal, environmental and planetary health. Continue reading

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Beyond Chemotherapy

When it comes to cancer an important part of the conversation centers around not just the diagnosis but the treatment of various forms of the disease. To the relief of many and the consternation of some, it appears that after years of serious resistance to the idea within the established medical community, some doctors and hospitals are beginning to inform patients that there are alternative forms of treatment beyond chemotherapy and radiation. Continue reading

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The Secret To The Fountain of Youth – Part One

An inside look at real secrets to living a joyous, fulfilling, and healthy life for as many years as possible along the way by one of the country’s most innovative doctors and experts. Continue reading

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