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Being Mindful of the Good News on the Environment

By Faren Dancer There seems to be a lot of discussion lately about how things are speeding up on Planet Earth, energies are intensifying with shorter intervals between memorable events, both personally and collectively. It’s becoming more apparent that thought … Continue reading

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Death Panel Playbook: How To Go In Peace

Death. It’s the one thing we all have in common with Rush Limbaugh. We don’t know when, and we don’t know how, but we all know it’s coming. No matter how much you fear it, deny it, or try to exercise it away, your death is a part of your life. The more you think about it and prepare for it, the happier and healthier your life will be. Continue reading

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The Real Issue Underlying Change

The present instability is not due to a personal flaw. The fact that it is prevalent everywhere gives us a clue to its source. The present environment is being driven by an increase in frequencies surrounding the planet. The way human beings collectively perceive their existence is being challenged. The universal assumptions around who we are and how life works are being shaken. We are being offered an opportunity to revise those assumptions. Continue reading

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Change – Adversary or Ally?

George and Sedena Cappannelli encourage us to learn to make change our ally. “Change you bet. A lot of it! Each day, at work, at home and in the world around us, we are being asked to juggle increasingly complex demands – the challenges of our jobs, the needs of our families, the demands of our communities, and the desires that issue from the depths of our own souls. Often this juggling act feels like it is being performed on a tight rope high above the ground and without a net. Continue reading

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