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The Art of Building & Maintaining An Effective Team

Building and maintaining an effective team is not an easy job, especially in these complex times when the composition of the workforce has changed so dramatically and so many of the rules of doing business are in a state of flux. Still, easy or not, our experience shows that a large number of individuals in this awkward business climate – from CEOs to line personnel – appear to underestimate the importance of a well functioning team. Continue reading

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Business By Numbers – Leadership Strategies That Don’t Add Up

The truth is no matter how great the challenges, no matter how difficult the times, our myopic focus on leading by the numbers still does not lead to a healthy economy, truly successful companies or to your ability to create long term career success. Numbers do not give us an accurate reading of many of the essential factors that determine an organization’s long success. We take a look at some factors organizations should be taking into account. Continue reading

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How America’s Greatest Inventor Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

In this valuable article Michael Gelb, author of Innovate Like Edison, reminds us – ” Baby ducks learn to walk by imitating their mothers. Many species, including humans, develop much of their behavioral repertoire by following role models. If you want to cultivate all aspects of your human potential then Leonardo da Vinci would be an ideal figure to emulate. But, if you’re primarily interested in achieving your most important and ambitious goals then there’s probably no better role model than Thomas Edison.” Continue reading

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E. F. Schumacher, He Taught Us To Build Bridges and Plant Trees

This post takes a look at economist, E. F. Schumacher through the eyes of Will Rapp, founder and Chairman of the Board of the Gardener’s Supply family of companies. E. F. Schumacher is best known for his critique of Western economies and his proposals for human-scale, decentralized and appropriate technologies. Continue reading

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