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As I tune into the planet, I am drawn to look at how many humans are striving for acceptance. It is a universal pull that we wish to feel content within our skin, to be at peace, to experience a mind at rest, to be satisfied. The notion of perfection, and the imagined state of satisfaction, is always seen in the future. And many are actively seeking this – indeed chasing it! To chase after a state of acceptance is a pretty powerful indicator that we consider our present state to be lacking the necessary conditions for acceptance. So we are longing for something different to occur in the future without realizing that tomorrow is made of the exact same elements as today? To see the future as giving us something we don’t presently have access to, is to misunderstand the design of existence.

Existence cannot alter its qualities or change its nature (which arises from the qualities). These are set. The energetic presence of existence is so total and complete (nothing can exist in addition to it – there is only One) that attempts towards ‘improving’, ‘adding’, ‘evolving’ existence is impossible. And whilst existence can shape into any form (thought form, physical form) – these are manifest expressions of possibilities, not a demonstration of limitation. The essential nature giving rise to the form is always the same – unchanging, eternal, constant. And that has been the case since existence has been existing (which is forever). The likelihood of that scenario changing is zip, zero, zilch.

So…today is it. This moment is it. Now is it.

Form will come and go, the essential nature of existence will not. Our understanding of this allows us to accept forms lightly. To let things go. Not to cling to conditions as if they were permanent. We set ourselves up for struggle when we demand that form answer a long list of criteria before we will consent to happiness.

The tragedy of this approach is that the very expectation robs us of the opportunity to experience contentment now, despite so-called unfavourable circumstances. And the more unfavourable we deem them to be, the more we feel justified in needing them to change.

The conditions for contentment, arising from the nature of existence, are ever present. Where we hold our focus determines what we experience. So when we place our conscious attention onto the present moment existence and find it lacking, we are simultaneously giving away the opportunity for acceptance, satisfaction and therefore contentment.

The experience we so desperately long for – that of deep contentment – is felt in a deep and genuine state of acceptance, not criticism or disappointment. It is our willingness to look past the form in the present moment and see the foundational nature it is formed from that is the key.

When consciousness alights on any aspect of existence and finds acceptance, appreciation, gratitude or enjoyment reflected back, there is an unmistakable warmth that emanates through our being.

When you look through the form and find the formative energy holding it in place, you partake in the union of consciousness and awareness. And that is utterly satisfying. Your focus is no longer hankering after a certain form. You can see that every form is the result of thought shaping existence. And from this we come to accept, love and appreciate form. So far from being seen and felt as a nuisance or limitation to the experience of oneness, it can be embraced as the limitless expression of the nature of existence.

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