New Years Goals

Debbie Robins - AgeNation Careers & Transitions ExpertBy Debbie Robins

I have a client who came to me with the following New Years GOALS:

* To lose ten pounds (his wife had been on him for years)
* To increase his companies revenue stream from one million dollars a year to two million
* To have more balance between life and work and not feel pulled in so many directions

I asked my client to assign a value to each intention: #1 equaled wanting to run in the opposite direction when he thought about completing the goal, and #10 was unbelievable excitement to get it done, whatever obstacles he would have to overcome.

About his weight he gave it a 4 1/2 on the “Deb Robins do I really want to accomplish this scale”. About his business he, surprisingly, assigned it a 6 (earning another million dollars was just a six – interesting!) About more life balance, it ranked a 7 (quite typical).

Knowing, as he does, from our success coaching work (that got him one million dollars a year in revenue to begin with), that only 10’s, 9’s and 8’s will ever generate success, he realized he had set himself up for unnecessary failure.

Here’s what we did in our next game changing session:

About his weight, I asked him what the benefits would be of losing ten pounds. Here was his answer:

“I could wear clothes I love again, feel that my wife was insanely attracted to me again, and experience more confidence about my abilities at work.”

I asked him to give that goal a rating and it receive a 9.5!

Regarding his desire to see his company double its net profits, I asked him what aspect of making more money made his heart sing. Here was his answer:

“I have had a dream since I started my company of being able to make a philanthropic contribution my team believed in every year. But somehow, there was always an excuse not to do it because the money needed to be reinvested in the companies growth. With double the profit there is no and’s, if’s, or but’s I could implement this protocol this year.”

I asked him to give that goal of philanthropy a rating and it received a 10!

Lastly, regarding his need for less stress and more balance, I asked him what that would allow him to do more of. Here was his response:

“More balance and energy would encourage me to run the New York marathon which I loved to do before I started my business.”

I asked him to give that goal a rating and it received a #10.

The moral to my clients success story? He is now thinner, richer and running his tushie off every weekend!

* ANYTHING THAT RECEIVES A 7 OR BELOW, DON’T DO THEM! THAT’S RIGHT. SCRATCH THEM OFF THE LIST (because you’ll make up a million excuses why not to succeed and that will leave you feeling like crap!)

May your 2011 be blessed with extraordinarily exciting goals that you strategically complete with results beyond your initial expectations!

Debbie Robins, M.A.
Success Coach/Best-selling Author/Huffington Post Blogger/Personal Advice Columnist for The Washington Times (Communities)

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