Is Hormone Replacement Therapy for Me?

Gail EdgellA series on coping with menopause by Gail Edgell

I know what you’re thinking, your mom and grandma thought HRT was a good idea too.

You have probably heard a lot about HRT in the news. It can be somewhat overwhelming but, you’re also sick of the hot flashes and crying spells.

Everyone is talking about bioidentical hormones.

Women across the global are looking for alternative ways to alleviate the symptoms of perimenopause. I bet you are too. It’s time to look at a more natural approach to easing the symptoms of perimenopause.

REALLY – You do not have to use synthetic hormones anymore?

Bioidentical simply means ‘identical to the hormones in your body’. Natural hormones are being used to treat a woman’s symptoms as they relate to perimenopause and beyond. These hormones are manufactured in a lab and have the same molecular structure as the hormones that are already in your body. In fact, pharmaceutical companies cannot patent a bioidentical structure of the body; therefore, they invented synthetic hormones such as Premarin, Prempro, and Provera.

You’re telling me that bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is natural, but is it safe?

The risk of side effects is lowed drastically when using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy because it utilizes the hormones that are already natural to your body. Your body also has the ability to automatically eliminate and excrete these bioidentical hormones just as it would naturally eliminate the hormones your body is producing anyway.

I’ve heard that transdermal patches are a safer modality as opposed to taking estrogen replacement orally – is this true?

Yes, transdermal patches (via the skin) are safer than taking estrogen orally because when estrogen is taken orally it stimulates the liver to make excessive amounts of cholesterol and increases the user’s risk of blood clots as well. Transdermal patches offer the convenience of applying the patch only once or twice a week and they do not have the same effects to the liver, nor the clotting factors that oral estrogens do.

Tell me more about the different commercially available forms of bioidentical estrogen (estrodiol)…

• ESTROGEL – a low-dose estrogen therapy gel that provides perimenopausal symptom relief to active women that is administered and absorbed through the skin.
• EVAMIST – a once-daily spray that delivers low doses of estrogen directly through the skin and into your bloodstream.
• FEMRING – a vaginal ring that is inserted into the vagina every three months and helps reduce moderate to severe menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness.

Wait, are bioidentical hormones even FDA approved?

Bioidentical hormones are made from a plant derivative or soy based chemical; therefore, the actual hormone powders that the compounding pharmacies use to recreate the bioidentical hormones are FDA approved. Esteri-tablets and Vidal patches, sprays and Estro-gel are all approved.

Did you know that you could replace progesterone by using bioidentical hormones as well?

I’m convinced… tell me what I have to do to get relief TODAY!

Once your doctor approves your candidacy for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy you want to look for a pharmacy that has been in business for several years and does a large amount of compounding.

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