Easter – a Resurrection of the Mind

David Dibble - AgeNation Careers ExpertBy David Dibble

We tend to think first of Easter as the time when Jesus was resurrected. But I wonder if this isn’t also a great time for each of us to take stock in life and seek to rise above the fear that creates so many of our problems, both individually and as a humanity. Imagine what our lives would be like without fear dictating our thoughts and actions.

Yes. I know there is much to be fearful of in this crazy world we live in—Wars, death, finances, crime, drugs, disease, and dysfunctional relationships, just to name a few. If fear is the bad guy, where does he hide out? If we can find his hideout, maybe we can root him out. Unfortunately, this bad guy holds up in the most subtle of hideouts. He lives in our minds—and long before he does his dirty work in the outside world.

Think about those special times in your life when you were completely unafraid. Things that come to mind for me include experiencing moments of complete connection, being at the top of a pyramid, and surfing alone in the warm waters of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. Luckily, as we have continued our practice to clear our minds of fear-based thoughts, Linda and I been blessed to have more and more of these moments and at the most mundane times.

I tend to think that “life” can only be experienced fully when fear is not present, at least the kind of fear that lives in the mind. I base this assumption on a few experiences I’ve had when my mind stopped and I experienced the me that lives beyond the mind. I guess I’d describe these experiences as ecstatic. I’m sure of one thing. There was not the slightest hint of fear present in these experiences. I think each of us has a bigger, more elegant self that lives beyond the mind and without fear. This self is the real you and me–connected–one.

According to the story, on Easter, Jesus rose above fear and death. With him as a model, maybe this Easter is the time when you and I begin to rise above our fears and live as more fully expressed human beings. Can you imagine living in a world without fear? That’s the resurrection of the mind.


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