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Children: Your Most Valuable Employees and Write-Off

by Mark J. Kohler, CPA, Attorney at Law This has to be one of the most under utilized tax strategies by small business owners with families today. Many don’t realize that paying their children under age 18, as well as … Continue reading

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Issues to Consider when “Partnering”

by Mark J. Kohler, CPA, Attorney at Law The Partnership Agreement and setting up the proper entity/structure for the partnership is the single most important step in the partnership process, maybe even more important than analyzing the merits of the … Continue reading

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5 Facts about The IRS and Mortgage Debt Forgiveness

by Mark J. Kohler, CPA, Attorney at Law If your mortgage debt is partially or entirely forgiven during tax years 2007 through 2012, you may be receiving a 1099-C in the mail. Regrettably, this is a phone call from my … Continue reading

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Natural Capitalism: The Next Industrial Revolution

By Amory Lovins Capitalism is supposed to be the productive use of and reinvestment in capital. But what is capital? There are several kinds, but industrial capitalism deals only with two: money and goods. There are at least two more, … Continue reading

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The Politics of Money in a ‘Glocal’ Economy

The word is out that economics, never a science, has always been politics in disguise. I have explored how the economics profession grew to dominate public policy and trump so many other academic disciplines and values in our daily lives. Economics and economists view reality through the lens of money. Everything has its price, they believe, from rain forests to human labor to the air we breathe. Economic textbooks, Gross National Product (GNP) and the statistics on employment, productivity, investment, and globalization—all follow the money. Happily, all this focus on money is leading to the widespread awareness of ways money is designed, created and manipulated. This politics of money is at last unraveling centuries of mystification. Continue reading

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Solar Energy Rising

Recently, I received a little membership token from the American Solar Energy Society, a window sticker that reads…”The Solution Comes Up Every Morning”. Funny how something so predictable and taken for granted is one of the most obvious answers to our energy needs. Here in New Mexico, the land of lavish sunshine, many innovative architects and builders experimented with new design approaches that were highlighted by passive solar innovations. Continue reading

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Eight Real Solutions To Our Debt Dilemma

The bottom line for most people, whatever the talk of the national economy and unemployment rates, is what our personal debt level is. Our personal debt greatly and negatively impacts our ability to live consciously and age wisely. Debt is a form of servitude that is hard to escape from. So here we examine eight practical and achievable steps we can all take starting today to reduce our personal debt and regain our freedom. Continue reading

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Five Real Estate-Mortgage Tips to Financially Come Out on Top in 2011

So it’s 2011 – Now what do we do?
Move forward with confidence that things will get better. Here are five tips to begin the decade so that you may finish on top with your personal finances as they relate to real estate and mortgages. Continue reading

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Old Math, New Math, Washington Math…2+2 Should Still = 4

Too many countries, including our own, appear “to have made financial commitments that are significantly greater than their fiscal capacities.” I stress the word ‘appear’ because although anyone who has ever done a budget understands that when expenditures exceed income debt results, no one knows – at least from the perspective of the well being of the planet and of the species that reside here – whether debt and what amount of it is a good or bad thing. As we examine the issues we need to consciously decide what kind of nation we want America to be so that we can then decide how to make this re-envisioned nation a reality. Continue reading

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Keynes vs Friedman (Part Two), How This Economic Debate Is Currently Impacting Europe & Will Soon Impact The U.S.

In this ‘monkey see, monkey do” world of ours, the heated argument between proponents of the Keynesian and Friedman economic schools that has been going on for decades may have been settled (at least for the foreseeable future) as one European country after another seem, like dominos, to be abandoning government stimulus efforts in favor of major budgetary cutbacks and betting the farm that the free market will right the ship. Continue reading

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