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The Politics of Money in a ‘Glocal’ Economy

The word is out that economics, never a science, has always been politics in disguise. I have explored how the economics profession grew to dominate public policy and trump so many other academic disciplines and values in our daily lives. Economics and economists view reality through the lens of money. Everything has its price, they believe, from rain forests to human labor to the air we breathe. Economic textbooks, Gross National Product (GNP) and the statistics on employment, productivity, investment, and globalization—all follow the money. Happily, all this focus on money is leading to the widespread awareness of ways money is designed, created and manipulated. This politics of money is at last unraveling centuries of mystification. Continue reading

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De-Aging – The Miracle of Each Moment

In his late 70′s now, Kaz is the inventor of de-aging. It’s not a product or a program. It’s a concept, a way of slowing down the aging process without resorting to desperate anti-aging measures involving pills, plastic surgery or fetal lamb cells. I’ve heard him talk about de-aging before. This time I’m taking notes. Continue reading

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Organic Vegetable Gardening Can be Easy!

Lots of families would like to start a vegetable garden in their back yards, but they never even try because they think it will be a lot of hard work. Frankly, they’re right. Digging, tilling and weeding take a lot of time that today’s busy families don’t have. There’s a new approach to family gardening that offers a solution. Continue reading

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The Power of One

Is it becoming as clear to you, as it is to an increasing number of Americans that truly, effective solutions to our most serious challenges in education, environmental and financial reform, job creation, healthcare, life care,and immigration are being held hostage by a political process that is seriously impaired, if not permanently broken? If so, you may believe it is time to correct this problem. What you may not believe is that the fix is easier and more accessible than a lot of us imagine. It lies in what I call, ‘the power of one.’ Continue reading

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The Real Issue Underlying Change

The present instability is not due to a personal flaw. The fact that it is prevalent everywhere gives us a clue to its source. The present environment is being driven by an increase in frequencies surrounding the planet. The way human beings collectively perceive their existence is being challenged. The universal assumptions around who we are and how life works are being shaken. We are being offered an opportunity to revise those assumptions. Continue reading

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