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Applying The Principles Of Conscious Leadership

By David Dibble Nothing makes my heart sing more than seeing people apply in their lives the principles of Conscious Leadership. Maryle Malloy has, for six years, been applying/modeling these principles in her work in veterinary medicine organizations–and with great … Continue reading

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The Art of Building & Maintaining An Effective Team

Building and maintaining an effective team is not an easy job, especially in these complex times when the composition of the workforce has changed so dramatically and so many of the rules of doing business are in a state of flux. Still, easy or not, our experience shows that a large number of individuals in this awkward business climate – from CEOs to line personnel – appear to underestimate the importance of a well functioning team. Continue reading

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Mary Steenburgen: The Gift of Giving

That is an excerpt from an interview I did with Mary Steenburgen for the February 2009 “Valentine” issue of Luxury Las Vegas magazine. Talking with Mary was comfortable and easy, like two old friends reconnecting after many years.

Over the course of two-and-a-half hours, our nonstop conversation was filled with some surprises, some laughs and some tender moments as she talked about her childhood in Arkansas; her acting career; her marriage to Ted Danson; their children who she adores; Nell’s Compass, the candle company she and her daughter Lily started, which is named after Mary’s mom; the Home Décor shop, Rooms & Gardens, that she co-owns in Santa Monica; her close friendship with Bill and Hillary Clinton; and her and Ted’s social and environmental activism. Continue reading

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Success Tips and Tools For Companies & Individuals

A healthy body, a clear mind and positive emotions for ourselves, and sound organizational vision, a clear strategic plan and a stable financial base for our companies are essential ingredients if you want to achieve and sustain optimum levels of professional and personal performance. And yet with all of the daily pushes and pulls at work and at home, it is easy to find a reason to not do the things that we need to do to maintain balance and well-being – our own and our company’s. Continue reading

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Don’t Use Your Name & Job Title – Create Yourself a Tagline

Next time you go to a networking event, do yourself a favor– don’t introduce yourself by your company name and title. So boring! Instead, use a tagline. A tagline speaks volumes about who you are and what you can do … Continue reading

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What is Your Career Speciality?

In reinventing my own career many times and through assisting others in developing their personal brand, I have come to realize that specialists make more money than general practitioners. No matter the specialty, the more narrow your expertise; the more in demand you’ll be. Continue reading

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Bringing Your Career Dreams Into Reality

Do you have a North Star that’s guiding your career? Every successful company I consult with has a powerful vision that serves as their North Star. Why do you need one? Because when you clearly define your goals, you come that much closer to actualizing your dreams. When you finally uncover and get serious about your heart’s desire, the universe starts listening. Continue reading

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New Years Goals

By Debbie Robins I have a client who came to me with the following New Years GOALS: * To lose ten pounds (his wife had been on him for years) * To increase his companies revenue stream from one million … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Brand Yourself, Someone Else Will

What we think we are isn’t always what others perceive. How are your colleagues and peers branding you? Does it match up to how you want to be perceived? Robin Fisher Roffer’s new series of articles will help you rediscover and declare your unique talents and abilities so you can increase your influence and effectiveness at work. It’s about being seen for who you are and exactly what you do better than anyone else, and not letting others define you. Continue reading

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The Power of the Heart

Whether people mention speaking from the heart, listening to the heart, connecting with the heart, or following the heart, it is a clear sign that there is increased energetic awareness of the importance of the heart in all of life’s decisions. As a result, a new understanding of “heart” is emerging – the realization of the heart as a dynamic, creative intelligence, encompassing physical, emotional, intuitive and energetic/spiritual aspects, essential for providing discernment and guidance to navigate life and experience wholeness fulfillment. Continue reading

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